Monday, November 7, 2011


Sundays are great days. Especially now that I have no homework to do! I spend the days sleeping in, catching up with friends, reading great books, and skyping with long distance buddies.

However, one thing I love more then anything else on a Sunday, is the tradition some of my friends and I have started that we simply call "Sunday Supper."

It's a fairly simple concept. Someone calls dibs on the main course by throwing out some delicious idea. Everyone else chips in with sides and desserts. We all gather out mine and my roommates' house, we catch up on the week's events, and chow down on delicious home cooked food. In weeks past, we've had roast beef dinner, delicious vegetable sandwiches (who knew a meat free meal could be so yummy!), and a spaghetti supper made by Amanda that I was unfortunately absent for.

This week, two of my roommates Amelie and Camila (our vegetarian diners!) made us a delicious pasta dish of homemade alfredo sauce and rotini!

Only a small group of us this week (cut one of my friends out of the picture.
Sorry, buddy!) 
I love how routine this has become for us. Adam always shows up after 6pm due to one of his classes. He non-chalantly walks in, grabs a plate, and helps himself to whatever is left.

We have a "whoever cooks doesn't clean rule." It never has to be mentioned. Tonight, the boys went right to work on cleaning dishes, while Amy was the puter-awayer. The rest of us sat in the kitchen, watched them putter away, and told stories of home and of the week and shared lots of laughs. My heart is all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

This week I attempted making apple crumble. Let me tell you, this is a huge step for me in the cooking world. I love to cook. But I hate baking. I hate measuring and having to be exact. I'm jealous of those people (*ahem*...AMY) who can make delicious pastries and sweets without flubbing them up some how. With cooking, you can add a mish-mash of whatever's in the cupboard and come out with something unique and unlike anything else you've ever tasted before -- in a good way :) I think a cooking blog post is in order!

Nevertheless, the apple crumble making went decently. My dad makes the world's best apple crumble (in my heart anyway), so I have big shoes to fill. I chopped apples for what seemed like hours, mixed up the crumble and set it in the fridge, and tossed the cubed apples in lemon juice and cinnamon.

It perfumed the house with the best aromas. Once the apples had a chance to break down and create delicious juices, the crumble was added and baked for another 30 minutes

And this is what resulted. The apple to crumble ratio was off a bit. Guess I didn't account for the fact tha the apples would break down and reduce when they cooked. Oopsie…beginner's mistake, right? Nothing a little scoop of vanilla ice cream wouldn't cure I say!

Everyone swore it was good. I've personally had better. But practice makes perfect. Guess i'll be calling my dad up for some lessons :)

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