Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

In the spirit of my dearest friend Amanda, I'm dedicating this entire post to her and to celebrate her 22 years of existence! 

I'm not usually one to remember specific situations and what was said in those situations and how I felt. However, over the last year and a half, there are a lot of big changes that I experienced in my life that involve Amanda and I can remember vividly what we were doing, how I felt, and what was said. 

Firstly, I remember so vividly the day I moved into Vanier to begin my first year as an RA. Amanda was my RC. I remember I texted her to tell her I had arrived. No sooner had I settled in my room did she come barreling through the hallway into my room with a huge welcome hug. She and I knew each other from living in residence together in our first year, and part of second. But we both agree that we weren't "friends," more like acquaintances. So, little did I know going into Vanier that I was coming out with a best friend - but the welcome hug was a slight indication. 

Secondly, the day I found out that my Grandad had been diagnosed for a second time with cancer, she was on the other side of the door to literally pick me up off the floor when I collapsed and felt my world was caving in. She has been patient and listened every time since then when I felt that life couldn't get any worse. 

Let me tell you of a few more reasons why Amanda is such a great and unique individual:

  • She always knows when you have a lot on your mind and are having a bad day. She'll say to you "Do you want to talk?" When you say you don't feel like it, she'll always keep her door open for when you're ready.
  • She gets excited about the little things in life like hot chocolate on a cold day, the sound of leaves rustling when you walk through them, and taking out a book at the library.
  • She buys the most thoughtful gifts. 
  • She'll never forget your birthday - she has a knack for remembering dates!
  • She'll put up with your obsession with Michael Jackson and Gordon Ramsay
  • She'll sit with you on a Saturday night and watch Friends and eat junk food - even if she does fall asleep almost every time (but I love that it makes her feel comfortable and relaxed to fall asleep on the couch when "happy" things are going on in the room) 
  • She gives the best advice - seriously!
  • And she is the best listener. When you need to talk, no doubt that she'll give you her undivided attention, her thoughtful words, and her honesty. She knows exactly what you need to hear, even if it isn't what you WANT to hear. And I hope that she knows how much I appreciate this. 

Amanda, I truly hope that you have a wonderful birthday full of life long memories and surrounded by the friends and family who love you for who you are, inside and out. 

Here's to you, as you turn 22 :) 



  1. Oh, Melissa, this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Well you don't come across friends like that very often. You two make a good team. Sounds like besties forever