Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sometimes I can be an awkward person. I say things at the wrong time, and sometimes (frequently) have a hard time verbalizing what I'm thinking. I complicate simple tasks, and tend to over think simple concepts. Sometimes these characteristics of myself can lead to awkward and hilarious situations. Allow me to share with you:

This one time, I said in an interview (for a job that relied a lot on communication and personable skills) that my weakest attribute was my ability to communicate effectively. Might I add, that when i attempted to tell the interviewers this flaw, I mumbled and grumbled and said something along the lines of "I just can't communicate well, you know?" -- I didn't get the job.

A wonderful and hilarious situation occurred this weekend when my best friend and I ventured to visit her boyfriend in his hometown. When leaving his apartment to go to the corner store, I was unaware of the considerable step down on to the deck. This lead to my ankle rolling, leaves rustling and me going face first into the deck. Thank goodness I put my hands in front of my face to lessen the impact on my nose when I made contact with the wooden deck. While my friends questioned my ability to get up and walk again, I laughed and said "Hey guys! Watch your step!" I proceeded to say this EVERY TIME we left the house. And as you all may gather, I thought it was the funniest thing I've ever said.

These awkward little moments in my life, I think, help shape and characterize who I am as a person. They add character to my everyday life, and give me something to look back and smile about - even though in the moment I may think what just happened is the end of the world.

I find that I've done a lot of growing up and finding myself over the last year. I've learned the difference between when something is truly life altering and when something is less devastating as I may make it out to be. (I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it makes sense in my head -- like I said, not so good at verbalizing what I mean.) I've become more mature and better able to deal with problems and situations that take a toll on me emotionally. I've learned that it's okay to depend on your friends and family for advice and comfort. I've learned that growing up does not mean becoming independent emotionally and having to work through your problems and conundrums alone. I've learned that it's okay to be different and okay to have different views. I've also learned how to express those views effectively and proudly.

I've found me -- almost. I know I still have a lot of learning to do about myself. We are always growing and evolving, and I'm quite excited to see who and what I'll become in the next 22 years.

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