Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wild Rose Detox.

Yesterday I started the Wild Rose 12-Day Herbal D-tox.

A friend at work introduced me to this cleanse. She said that it helps kick her sugar cravings and she loses weight at the same time. I have an INTENSE sweet tooth. Since starting Weight Watchers back in November, I have found my cravings for sugar-related items to be more intense. As well, I find I crave a lot of fast food. And with cravings come cavings. And I have caved a number of times in the last month or so. I've tried to get back on track, and I've succeeded most of the time, but the failures and moments of weakness are begining to increase their frequency and I need to take back control. My hope during this d-tox/cleanse is that I will be doing something good for my body - I'll be riding my body of toxins that have accumulated over a number of years, kick/control my sugar cravings, and lose a few pounds in the process. This is all part of the bigger spectrum of my goal to live a healthier lifestyle.

I've been having some digestive issues too in the last few months. I've seen a doctor about it, and neither of us can really pin point what it might be. The pains aren't constant, and they have been happening less frequently lately. However, some times when I eat the pains are so bad the only position I can stay stationary in and it not hurt is the fetal position. My doctor thinks it might be an intenstinal thing. So, I'm also hoping that this detox/cleanse will help to clean things out and start "fresh" therefore eliminating my digestive complications! (TMI? sorry...)

I think the toughest thing for me during this 12-day cleanse will be the diet. It's a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free diet. No processed food (good bye fast food!) and your intake of certain fruits are limited (no bananas and oranges, my friends). So far, I've found a liking for rice cakes and almond butter. I can still eat my daily intake of veggies and hummus (thank god!) and I can eat apples in the morning instead of oranges. No more coffee (you ARE allowed to drink coffee, but you can't add sweetener) - but I can have all the herbal tea I want! I think I'm going to get very bored of the menu I've created for myself, but I just need to stick it out for 12 days and maybe I'll have taken on some new eating habits that are better for my body! 

On day two, I feel normal. I have to use the bathroom a lot - which I'm told isn't uncommon (TMI? Sorry, again...) I feel energetic, and I already feel like I'm doing good things for my body. In my research, I found a lot of people say day three is the worst day. Others say around day nine or ten. I'll keep you posted...

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  1. Oh hi, you are looking AMAZING! Also, good luck! (Let us know how it all went at the end!)