Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wild Rose Detox: Day 7.

So, yesterday was day seven. One week.

How I'm feeling?
Really good. I definitely see a difference in my body and I feel a difference. I feel "lighter" if that makes any sense. The food I'm putting into my body isn't weighing me down. It's free of the bad stuff and not sitting heavy in my stomach. You know that feeling when you eat too much or something too heavy and all you want to do is lay down and sleep? Yeah? Well, I haven't felt like that since starting this cleanse. 

My gosh, yes! But I'm surprised at my cravings. I thought I would be dying for some sugar days ago. That's not the case. I'll tell you what though - I'd do just about anything for a piece of bread at this point. Or some pasta. I am definitely jonesing for some carbs! I know that Saturday morning when I wake up (this being my first day off the cleanse) I fully intend to dine on toast and peanut butter! Or a bagel. Mmmm...bagels! What seems promising to me though is that I'm NOT craving sweets, so maybe my desire to eliminate my sweet tooth could be a reality. Here's hoping! 

Weight loss?
I think so. I started the cleanse on Monday, May 6th and the four days prior to that I ate REALLY badly. Like pizza, fast food, and chocolate. Really bad! So when I weighed in at Weight Watchers on Wednesday I didn't expect to see much of a loss. Surprised I was! I lost 1.5lbs. I credit this to the cleanse. I'm really anxious to get on the scales at Weight Watchers this Wednesday to see where I stand. I feel like I've lose weight because I see a difference in the mirror. But you're mind can play some sneaky games on you...

How's the ol' digestive tract?
My diet over the last seven days has consisted mostly of rice cakes and almond butter, fish, brown rice, apples and greens. So none of those items are causing my digestive issues, that's for sure! I haven't felt any pains in my stomach since starting the cleanse. My hope is that when I finish the cleanse and I start to incorporate some of the foods that I eliminated from my diet during the detox, something will trigger the digestive issues I have been experiencing therefore pinpointing where they are stemming from. Best case scenario: I never experience those pains again! 

Exercising & Energy
I definitely have energy. I feel lively. I'm still not a morning person though by any means! However, I haven't been able to go on my runs during this cleanse. I've tried and can only get about 15 minutes in before feeling faint, weak, fatigued, and exhausted. I did some research and a lot of people say to avoid strenuous work of any sort. Your body is already working in overdrive to get rid of the toxins built up in your body and other junky stuff. Running on top of that exhausts the body immensely. Needless to say, I haven't gone for a run since that day...but I did go swimming, and that went just fine.

So, I have a measly five days left. It's funny that when I started this twelve days seemed like such a long time. Worse though was having to eat this new diet for those twelve days. But I keep telling myself "Melissa, there are 365 days in a year. This is 12 days. You can do 12 days." The only time I've "cheated" is when I put hot sauce in my guacamole without thinking about its vinegar base (no vinegar or anything fermented on the this detox diet!) Ah well. No harm, no foul. Right? 

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