Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm Back!

What a whirlwind 2 weeks...but I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

I spent my two week Christmas vacation back home in New Brunswick. Family, friends, traditions, reminiscing, creating new memories, and a whole lot of love. It truly couldn't get any better.

And now, as I sit in this room, drinking a cup of tea, listening to a cheesy 90s playlist on Songza, and thinking back to my time at home, my heart slightly aches from missing the good times, but at the same time my head knows I've made the right decision to experience a new life in a new place.

Things I learned during my time at home: 

- Never will I fly from the West coast to the East coast on the red eye flight. Flying all night plus loosing 3 hours really screws up your system. 

- "Distance makes the heart grow fonder"

- As much as I don't think I'm built for the small town life, there truly is no place like home. 

- I have the best friends in the world. Though we live on different ends of the country, when we meet again it's as if no time as gone by. 

- Snooty Fox not only has the best wings and artichoke and spinach dip in Fredericton, they are the best in Canada...or at least in my books and with my taste buds they are! I have yet to find a spinach dip as cheesy and delicious as theirs. 

- Memories last forever, even if you don't have pictorial evidence. Those memories are forever yours.

- It's more likely you'll regret the things in life that you didn't do.

- Hockey is built into my blood.

- Family is forever (but I sorta already knew this).

It's good to have been home.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 find you happy, healthy, and surrounded by love. 


  1. Did you go to wing night AND half price app night? If so, I am REALLY jealous!

    1. I went to neither. We went on New Years Eve (a Monday) and ordered both anyways! MMMMMM GOOD! I had a bite or two for you :)