Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kathryn!

I have a great friend named Kathryn. Today is her birthday. She is turning 24! And this blog post is dedicated to her...

Dear Buda,

I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. I went back and looked at the blog post I wrote on your 23rd birthday and I smiled so big because it was full of so many memories! The Harry Potter cake, "here's to the time...", "surprising" you with a gathering when you thought it was just a visit, and having you home again from your adventures in St. Andrew's. Today, I can't believe how quickly a year has flown by. I am so proud of all of the things you have accomplished in your 23rd year. You have seen, experienced, and a done a lot! You inspire me to think bigger and broaden my horizons. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful friend like you! 

We aren't in the same province this year for your birthday, but that doesn't mean I can't pop open a bottle of cheap champagne and toast a "here's to the time..." to you: 

~ Here's to the time you accepted my awkward and lame introduction and took me in as a friend anyway almost 6 years ago. 

~ Here's to the time you opened my eyes to Jason Statham. Thank you. 

~ Here's to the time we danced to your ring tones on the beach in St. Andrews.

~ Here's to the time you sent me a Christmas present from Scotland and it hasn't arrived yet...

~ Here's to the time you came to the Christmas Formal via a wall of pictures of just your face. 

~ Here's to the time we bawled on my couch when we said "bye" before you moved to Scotland. 

~ Here's to ALL OF THE TIMES! 

I love you, buddy. And I only hope your 24th year is a stellar and adventure filled as your 23rd. 

Yours truly, 

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