Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is a very special day in our family. Today is my Mom's birthday. Not just any birthday though - her 50th birthday. She may have a comment or two about me revealing her age on my blog post, but this is a very special birthday and deserves celebration and admiration!

Mom, on your birthday I want to remind you of a few reasons why I believe I have the best mother in the world: 

-- You climb flights and flights of stairs to help me move into my first apartment despite the pain and discomfort you have been feeling in your knee lately. 

-- You listen to me rant about difficulties in school and at work and you always sympathize, even if I'm blowing things way out of proportion. 

-- When I come home after being away for a while, you wash my sheets and hang them out on the clothes line because you know how much I love the smell of freshly air-dried sheets. 

-- You make the best chocolate chip cookies! 

-- You know how much better it feels to have your mom when you're sick, so even at 23, you nurture me back to health and my heart always feels whole again afterwards. 

-- Hello! You give the best hugs ever! 

-- Snowstorm after snowstorm, you trucked me all over the province and sat in the bleachers for almost every figure skating competition I competed in. Your support and love inspired me to always do my best (even though I never did become a world famous figure skater). 

-- You love me for who I am, inside and out - tattoo and all ;-)

Happy Birthday, Mom! Love you, always and forever.

Side note: For Mother's Day, my Dad wrote an original poem for my Mom. After hearing it, I promised it would make an appearance on my blog. Today seems like the perfect day for it:

A poem for Heather Ann Dickinson by Stephen Jack Dickinson

It's your special day today, 
It's a wonder you're still sane;
The years you put up with us, 
Even through your aches and pains. 

You're a friend, a mom, and a wife, 
You did this all for free; 
I will treat you with some cash, 
So you can enjoy a shopping spree. 

I will reward you with your cash, 
On the week-end you turn fifty; 
To shop for some new clothes, 
To make you look more nifty. 

Enjoy your day with all of us, 
We will wait on you with pride; 
Cause you are a special mom, 
And we will always be by your side. 

The End. 


  1. Haha I see where you get your poetry skills from, Melissa! Nice work, Stephen! Happy birthday, Heather!