Friday, April 13, 2012

Life is Chaos

My life can be quite an adventure. In fact, sometimes it can only be described as chaos. I’m sure there are a lot of you reading and nodding your head up in down in agreement with this feeling. Easter weekend just past, and I ventured to my hometown for four days of relaxation, spending time with family, and getting caught up on sleep. What a great weekend!

Mom and Dad’s 25th anniversary was on the 4th of April. This is a pretty big milestone in their lives, and my brother and I both agreed that we should do a little more for them on their anniversary then we have in the past. So, after calling all my family members and combining our funds, we purchased my mother and father a new pub-style dining set. Here begins the recent chaos of my life.

As the clock struck 3:45 on last Thursday afternoon, I packed up my book bag and headed home from school. Not being proactive in my organization of the afternoon, I had yet to pack a suitcase to go home with. I was on a time constraint as the warehouse where I had to pick up the dining set closed at 5pm and the neighbour who kindly offered to hide it for me needed to leave his house at 6pm. After rushing home and throwing necessities for the weekend in my suitcase willy-nilly, I rushed out the front door yelling, “Have fun in Montreal!” to my roommate Amanda as I probably slammed the door behind me.

Oops, I forgot that 4:30 traffic in Fredericton can be insane – and that’s just what it was! I watched the clock tick minute by minute as I hit every red light possible and got stuck behind the slowest of drivers (or so it seemed, considering I was in such a rush). Getting to the furniture store at 4:45pm, I sped walked into the store to pay the remaining balance on the bill. Of course there was a customer in front of me telling the cashier her life story (might I add, the only cashier on duty, as well). I waited, arms folded, foot taping, watching the clock tick minute by minute edging closer to 5pm.

The debit card machine read “Accepted” and I fled the store to get to the warehouse with ten minutes left on the clock. I’m terrible with directions, and feared that I wouldn’t be able to find the building. After driving past the street it resided on, I u-turned and parked my car in front of the garage doors with five minutes left on the clock. I had made it and everything would be ok.

Nope. Wrong. Of course the table was about an inch and a half too big to fit into my puny car. The loading guys looked at me and smirked a bit after witnessing my distress. I remember saying “You guys need to figure out a way to get this into my car. I have no other option. It has to get home this weekend.” They hummed and hawed and I finally suggested that they take it out of the box. They warned me it could get damaged, but I said that as long as they were careful putting it in, I’m sure it will make it home safely. So, they ripped the tape off the box and carefully placed the table into the trunk of my car. I thanked them for their patience and zoomed off towards home.

Pulling into the driveway after dropping the table and chairs off to my friendly neighbour, Jay so he could assemble them for us, I sighed a huge sigh and became overwhelmed with anticipation to successfully pull of this surprise for my parents.

*Beep beep* My iPhone goes off the next afternoon. I read a text from Jay. “Can you call me?” Cue pit in stomach. Jay asks if I could look in my car for a package of washers and bolts that might have fallen out of a box into my car. I already knew that there would be nothing in my car, but I took a look anyway. As I suspected, the package got left behind in Fredericton when they took the table out of the box. My mind was screaming. I was sure the surprise was over.

But, Jay being level-headed, put the chairs together and positioned the table perfectly on top of the old stools so we could still surprise my parents. After having a wonderful supper out at a restaurant called “The Crow’s Nest” we came home to new furniture. Once Mom and Dad realized what was going on, yells of “Is this really for us?” and “You’re kidding me!” filled the room. I was so relieved that the surprise was pulled off despite a few bumps in the road. I am also so grateful for the help that Jay gave both Brad and I, cause I know if I had been putting them together, I would have given up after five minutes.  

Moral of the story: expect the unexpected and be thankful for kind neighbours. 


  1. I would had reacted the same way as you if I had to put it together, ha.

    Do you have pictures?

    1. I think Jay was relieved not to have me around putting the table and chairs together. I would have just been in the way! haha.

      I have pictures of the table, and Dad has a picture of our first meal at it, but unfortunately, I was not swift enough to get pictures of the "big surprise."