Wednesday, April 4, 2012

25 on your 25th

Mom and Dad, this post is for you:

Today is your 25th wedding anniversary. This is a day to celebrate your love, your accomplishments, and what your life has become over the last 25 years of holy matrimony. I think that you both deserve recognition and congratulations for making it through the rough times, the happy times, the times when you felt on top of the world, and the times when you were thankful to have each other to lean on. I am so blessed to come from such a tight-knit, hardworking, and loving family. I just want to take the next few minutes to thank the both of you and show you how much I love you both more then anything in this world. There are thousands of reasons why I think I am the luckiest daughter in the world, but here are 25 highlights on your 25th Anniversary.

    1.  You have good taste in baby names. Even though my name was supposed to be Michelle, I'm super happy I ended up with the name Melissa. It's a great name for coming up with nicknames for. I love that my closest friends call me Mel and Missa.

2.  Even though you named me Melissa, I love that I grew up being referred to as Molly and in my teens and twenties being referred to has Maud. My heart swells with love every time you call me by those names.

3.  You have always provided me with a safe and secure home. I always knew that when I walked through our front door that I would be met with love, care, and happiness.

4.  You made sure I had a sibling. I don’t think I’ve ever told you how proud I am of the both of you for taking on another pregnancy after loosing Kristi at birth. I can’t imagine the stress and anxiety that came along with it. But I can’t imagine life without a Bradley in our family.

5.  You were firm in your actions when you needed to be, but you didn’t tie me down and shelter me from the outside world. I think that that has made me a well-rounded person today with many perspectives of our society.

6.  You have always encouraged me to follow my hopes and dreams. Especially when my life is about to take a big turn and shift in the coming months, you constantly listen to me as I reflect and you help me to explore all avenues of my future.

7.  Thanks for the red head gene :)

8.  Mom, thanks for all the homemade chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

9.  Dad, thanks for instilling in me my love for cooking. It’s nice to have someone to share such an amazing and creative passion with.

10.   Hugs. Oh, you both give the best hugs.

11. When I wanted so badly to quit school and come home in the beginning months of my first year of university, you stood your ground and encouraged me to stick it out and you never once offered to come pick me up. Though it hurt my heart at the time, I can’t thank you enough for making me stay. These last 5 years of university have been unforgettable, life changing, and allowed me to meet some of my best friends.

12.  You taught me to value the little things in life – like how the red metal toboggan will always slide down the side hill at the house in Bristol faster then any other sled.

13.   When I need help, I always know that one of you will be on the other end of the phone to talk to when needed. Thanks for the help with car problems, financial woes, and heartaches.

14.  Thank you for all the family trips. I have cherished every single one of them.

15. You taught me the importance of family. I am so blessed to come from such a supportive and loving family. You both allowed me to get to know all members of my family, and displayed how to love and get love in return.

16.  The laughs. Dad, you have got to be one of the funniest people I know. I brag about you all the time to my friends. I know that when I’m at a low, I can count on you to bring me back to reality.

17.  You let me talk. You listen, you give me advice, and you got me through some pretty sticky and tough times in high school.

18.  For introducing me to Michael Jackson. Enough said.

19. Supporting my ever-changing interests as a kid. Gymnastics, figure skating, piano, swim team, leadership, exchange trips, choir, and so on. Whenever I expressed an interest in something new, you allowed me to give it a try. Thanks for driving me all over the province and allowing me to explore my interests.

20.  My favourite time of the year is Christmas time. I thank the both of you for making Christmas time in our family rich in family time.

21. All of the pets. I know time and time again Brad and I would promise to clean up after them and take care of them everyday. And we all know that Brad and I sucked at keeping those promises. So despite our lack of follow through, thanks for bringing those beautiful animals into our lives.

22. For putting braces on my teeth. As much as I hated the 5 years of metal torture on my teeth, I am so grateful for my straight-toothed smile now that I’m older.

23. For never pressuring me to be someone that I'm not. You've always accepted me for me.

24. For going on all of the recent vacations without your two grown up rug-rats. You guys deserve it, and I always look so forward to seeing your pictures and hearing of your adventures when you get home. Take more vacations! 

And last but not least…

25. Thanks for always being the two rocks of our little family of four. You keep me grounded and level-headead when I make things out to be 10x worse then they really are. You encourage me, support me, and love me. I couldn't ask for better, more loving parents.

Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad. I'm so proud of you.

Melissa xoxo


  1. Thanks for loving and treating me like your own! Love you Mom and Dad D.

    1. Thanks Sara you will always be my adopted daughter. Thanks for being such a good friend to Melissa. We both love you lots.