Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Week.

Another week has come and gone. Only three weeks of classes left before the March break. It's blowing my mind how quickly this school year is flying by - much like the four before.

Here are some of the perks of the last week:

~ I started volunteering at my internship school last week.  It's been a great motivator and reminded me as to why I'm doing this BEd programme.

~ I went to Snooty Fox last week with 3 friends. It's the first time I've been to Snooty in about 3 weeks, and it was delicious. I never fail to leave without a full belly and a smile on my face.

~ I went skating again last Thursday with my friend, Jenny. As sore as my ankles were from the last time, I made it the entire hour and even taught Jenny how to stop! So proud :)

~ I watched a new movie on Friday with Amanda that she has been recommending to me for over a year now. It was The Family Stone and I loved it. Of course it made me cry, but it also warmed my heart. I highly recommend it. I'm dying to watch it again this week!

~ I spent a fantastic day with Amanda on Saturday. We went to the market, ate delicious food like a "Waffle on a Stick" (I had the one dipped in chocolate and Skor bits) and a pulled pork wrap, did school work at Starbucks, ate a copious amount of Chinese food, and then sat on the couch watching the hockey game and singing to each other. A fabulous day - thank you Amanda.

~ I had a non-school related afternoon with my friends Andrea and Jenny on Sunday. We ate food and talked about our pasts. I love learning about how my friends grew up, and I feel like the three of us got a little closer after Sunday afternoon, and I cherish that.

~ I stayed up late on Sunday and watched the Grammy's from start to finish. Kudos to Adele on her clean sweep of awards. I really enjoyed the performances and respected the beautiful rendition of "I Will Always Love You" that Jennifer Hudson did in memory of Whitney Houston. I've been reading a lot of critiques on Twitter, and people can be quite mean. It's hard to please everyone, and with the death of Whitney Houston the day before the Grammy's, there was a lot of pressure on a lot of people to respect her life tastefully. And in my opinion, that is exactly what they did.

~ I continued with the "February Photo a Day Challenge" from fat mum slim. Here are my pictures from last week:

Thanks to my family and friends for helping make another week fly by. 

How was your second week of February? What are you looking forward to about this week? Does anyone have any Valentine's Day plans? 

Thanks for reading :)