Saturday, September 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Today my brother turns 23. He's a pretty awesome guy and and even cooler brother. You can read my past birthday blog posts to my brother here, here, and here to find out how awesome he truly is! As we grow older, my appreciation for having a younger brother also grows. 

My brother and I were VERY different people growing up. I was a "floater" (friends with people from different social circles) and a little odd. Brad was popular and a school athlete. I sang in the choir and spent my weekends at home or having movie marathons with my friends who were much like me in ways. My brother spent his weekends playing hockey or socialising with bigger groups of people. Everyone knew who Brad was, and everyone knew I was "Brad's sister." To say he and I clashed growing up is a understatement. I think I annoyed him with my personality more than he annoyed me. But maybe he'd different. I dunno? Regardless, we always supported each other, even if we didn't always show it in our words to each other. 

Today, we text each other about the happenings in our lives. We share stories about our adventures and I honestly can't remember the last time we fought. Some of that comes from the fact that we are both WAY MORE MATURE than we were 10 years ago. But I also think that we are at an age where we have truly grown to respect each other. I respect my brother for so may reasons: One of them being how quickly he had to grow up at such a young age; Moving away from home to pursue his hockey career; Despite the pressure as a teenager to go to university and get a post secondary degree, Brad never succumbed to the pressures and waited until he really knew what he wanted to do; Being able to make split-second decisions; Knowing what he wants. In ways, I consider my baby brother as one of my heroes and I try to model myself after him in ways. Like being more patient, laid back, and relaxed. I envy those characteristics of his. 

It's been a pleasure growing up with him - even if we fought like cats and dogs. And my heart gets warm and I get excited thinking about all the growing up we still get to do together as brother and sister. 

As humans, we share our lives with many different people - spouses, parents, friends. But there is something about the bond with a sibling that's it's own unique little relationship. I can't imagine my life without a little brother. 

Happy Birthday, Brad! Keep being you and being awesome. You're pretty good at it! ...Now, don't let that get to your head ;-) 


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