Thursday, December 4, 2014

Life Lately.

// Getting over a cold that had me sneezing, sniffling, and coughing all of the time. Lost my voice one day. That's a great thing to happen to a teacher...

// Reading more often. Trying not to watch as much television at night time when I'm going to bed. 

// Also trying to be healthier. Small steps. I have stopped eating McDonald's when I have a hankering for western-style food. Now I'm working on not snacking after 9pm. So far, I'm two weeks free of both. Next goal, start going to the gym again!

// Planning a trip for February. Flights are booked! 

// Getting in to the Christmas spirit (*longer post about this soon!*)

// While trying to watch less television, at the same time, I've started watching more movies. But they are holiday movies and I gotta watch them this month, so doesn't count right? 

// Helping my brother edit his resume and cover letter in the evenings. I can't believe he is graduating college soon and will be starting his career. When I read his cover letter, I honest to goodness shed tears! For two reasons: A) the writing he did blew my mind. So professional sounding but at the same time honest and personal. I didn't know he had it in him! Maybe he's taking after his literature major, english teacher sister! and B) I can't believe he is 22 and I am 25 and this is where life is now. Growing up. 

// Still loving my job. I love my students. I love what I teach. And I love getting to introduce them to the joy and happiness that is Christmas. And while I don't get to spend it with the people I love the most, I do get to see the excitement and amazement of the students' faces when they decorate a Christmas tree for the fir
st time, when they get to see the traditions I have with my family at home (thanks for the pictures Mom & Dad), and when they decorate and bedazzle my classroom with paper snowflakes, paper chains, and handmade Christmas ornaments! I love my job.

// Being an old lady and cross stitching a lot.

// Cooking! Curries, pad thai's, slow cooker meals like roast beef, soups, and more curry! (I'm going back to Thailand in February so I'm preparing myself for the glorious thai food I'm going to eat). 

// Teaching myself how to bake. In a toaster oven. Now that's a challenge! So far, a few burnt muffin & cookie bottoms, but the end results have still been pretty tasty. Especially the chocolate brownies with peanut butter chocolate ganache. (Did I mention I'm trying to eat healthier. OOPS! Baby steps). 

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