Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello, Vacation!

4 weeks of vacation! What an adventure to come. 

The packing is complete, the dishes are done, the garbage is taken out, my fridge is bare. Now all that's left to do is get myself to the airport and take flight! 

Tonight I am leaving for a 4 week vacation in Southeast Asia. I'll be traveling through Southern Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. This vacation has been in the planning stages for the last 3 months and now it's finally time to go. I can't believe it! And I can hardly wait!

Things I will be doing while I am away:
      * visiting the Chu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam.
      * riding along the Mekong Delta and visiting the floating markets in Ho Chi Minh City.
      * Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia.
      * possibly horse back riding through the rice fields in Cambodia.
      * cooking classes in Vietnam and Thailand.
      * eating ALL of the Vietnamese & Thai food. (FINALLY eating ALL of the authentic Thai curry).
      * washing, feeding, and riding elephants in Thailand.
      * visiting a tiger sanctuary (my favourite animals!).
      * beaches, beaches, beaches. Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. Reading, reading, reading. *sigh*

I know I am probably forgetting some things, and I know there will be other things we get ourselves in to while we are away. I'm just so excited to be on vacation, to be seeing another part of the world, and to be traveling with some great friends!

Oh, and for fresh CLEAN air and sun. Man, did I ever take that for granite before coming to Beijing! 

I'll be posting on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter while I am away. If I can get good internet service at some of our hotels, I'll be sure to post on my blog for family and friends as well. 

Bon Voyage!
Or I guess as they (or I, because I probably say it wrong or in the wrong context) say in Beijing: huí tóu jiàn (see you later!)

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