Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Same Moon.

The harvest moon was out in full force tonight in Tuanli. It was beautiful, full, round, and the most gorgeous hue of orange. And for a moment while walking home from supper tonight I got home sick. I missed my family, I missed their hugs, I miss my friends, I missed their company and laughter, I missed home. I won't lie to you, I got emotional and had a good cry. I took some time alone when I got back to my apartment and talked to Mom and Dad. I sent a message to my best friend Sara. I slowly began to feel better. I looked out my window again and up at the moon and remembered that no matter how far away I am or where my life takes me, family and friends are always near. Because we all look at the same moon. We are together, always and forever.

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  1. I had this exact realization last year while I was on vacation in the Philippines for Christmas! And I think of it almost every time I miss my family and friends back home! That's why I want to get a moon tattoo!