Friday, November 23, 2012

Motivation is the Key to Success.

What's important is not necessarily where you are, 
but in what direction you are going.

I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting last night, and I left felling extremely motivated and excited to start the program. Today is officially my first day of my new "lifestyle change." The program has changed a little bit since that last time I did it in high school. Your daily point total isn't decided upon solely by your weight, but figured out through an equation that takes into account your sex, age, height, and weight. I as given lots of resources and all of the welcome forms, and then I watched as person after person hopped onto the scales and found themselves a seat for the meeting. 

As I left work yesterday on my way to the meeting, I could feel a nauseous pit in my stomach making me question my motives and decision. To get to the building, I have to pass right by my apartment. I kid you not, I totally convinced myself not to go and turned the blinker to turn right onto my street instead of continuing straight. I was worried about so many things - would I be the only younger person? Would people judge me? Would people stare and know that I was new? Would the employees snicker about me? Would I look out of place? Talk about insecurities! Then I thought about how much I would be letting myself down if I backed out. I would just be quitting all over again - without even starting in the first place! So I went. And am I ever glad I did! 

We talked about the holidays and what to expect when you're on a diet. We talked about strategies and ways to still eat the things we love, but not over do it. I totally know that I'm starting a diet at the most inconvenient time. Christmas and the holidays are so much about family, and a lot about food too. But with will power and support, I know I can get through it and still enjoy all the Christmas fixings that I love so dearly (mmm, gravy and mashed potatoes!) 

This blog isn't going to turn into a tracking device for my weight loss. But the reason I did start this blog was to document my life and as a means to look back at this crucial and ever changing time in my life. All of the readers and support from my family and friends are just the cherry on top of a pretty sweet cake! So every now and then I might post about my successes and maybe some of my worries. 

At the end of the meeting yesterday, our instructor showed us the quote above on the board ("What's important is not necessarily where you are, but in what direction you are going.") Talk about relevant! Relevant to my new weight loss journey, relevant to my future career, relevant to my present day life. 

Did I mention that I left the meeting highly motivated?


  1. I love that quote! And go, you! So proud of you, for so many reasons. Let's skype soon. For reals this time.