Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Come Back Fall.


6 inches of it (or more). 

Outside my window. 

On October 24th. 


I can't say that winter is my least favourite season, because I find something I like in all of them. Spring smells good, summer brings sunshine and days on the beach, sipping cold beverages on the patio, and bonfires behind the house, fall brings the most beautiful colours and new smells, and winter brings comfort, the crunching of snow, and Christmas. 


Where did fall go? Here in Calgary it seemed like one day the leaves were falling out of the sky and the next there was white snow EVERYWHERE. I'm not exaggerating. Friday while supervising kids outside they were making piles of leaves and jumping in them and trying to catch the leaves out of mid air when they fell from the trees. Today they were building snow forts and snow men and bundled in layers of clothing. How is this possible?

What happened to the crunching of the leaves under my feet, wearing a light coat and sipping Caramel Apple Spices outside and the damp smell of leaves disintegrating on the ground. Now I feel like I have to move on to damp socks and cold feet inside winter boots, scarves around my neck, and peppermint hot chocolate on my walk around the city. 

And kids are starting to sing Christmas carols. Too soon. Too soon. (Blog post to come)

Come back fall. I miss your charm!


  1. The scarves and peppermint hot chocolate sound good!

    ♫ I want a hippopotamus for Christmasss! Only a hippopotamus will dooo!♪

    I miss you!

  2. There are great things about winter, but not yet! Fall had only just begun :(

    I swear, if that song is stuck in my head all day, I'll be blaming you!

    Miss you too xo