Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Best Day of the Week!

We did it! We made it to Calgary around 5pm this afternoon (Alberta time - 8pm New Brunswick time). The cutest thing was pulling into the parking lot of Jenny and Gary's apartment (and our soon-to-be apartment) and seeing Jenny sitting eagerly awaiting our arrival. I honked the horn a couple of times and we waved as she jumped up from her chair and smiled from ear to ear. It was quite a happy reunion, and I fell onto the grass thankful that we had finally made it. Andrea took a video of this and will be posted soon! 

Both Andrea and I had commented before arriving in Regina yesterday how we didn't find the Prairies as flat as had been rumoured. Well, only moments outside Regina proved us wrong. Holy flat!! Land as far as the eye could see straight into the horizon. Cars would just appear out of the horizon and disappear into it. Then, before crossing the Saskatchewan/Alberta border, the land started getting surprisingly hilly. Andrea's favourite part of the drive today from what I can gather is the yellow hay bales sitting atop the brightest green grass. Mine was being completely shocked at how many kilometers you drive before you hit a turn. The most that kept track of was over 30 kms. Unbelievable!

Crossing the border into Alberta was exciting and surreal all at once. We had finally made it to this place we had been driving to for the last 5 days. When we departed Monday morning it seemed so far away, but I have to say that I'm quite surprised how fast the week went by. Andrea made a great comment in saying that the days were quite blurred together and can only be separated by the places we stopped and slept at each day.

So, here we are. Sitting in Jenny and Gary's apartment, catching up, sharing our stories from crossing the country, and planning the exciting adventures we want to take before we all become hard working westerners! After making our way through rush hour traffic in Calgary, we grabbed a bite to eat at the mall only moments down the road from the apartment and stocked up on some food essentials. Might I add that the service at Wal-Mart tonight was slower then a sloth. So slow that Gary commented on the fact that we would be moving faster if we were going backwards. Jenny even drooled unknowingly while staring into space waiting for the cashier to HURRY THE HECK UP! We waited in line LONGER then it took for us to shop for our food. Andrea commented on how she has gotten through Christmas line ups at Wal-Mart quicker then we did tonight. Nevertheless, we got our food and were happy as clams sitting in each others presence once again.

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