Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's Official.

Last night I received the confirmation email, and folks it's official! I will be departing from Fredericton, New Brunswick at 11:45am on Wednesday, August 21st for my year long adventure to Beijing, China. 

Lots of people have been asking and have been very curious as to when I would be leaving. And my response would usually be "Well, that's a good question!" Initially, I thought I would be leaving around August 17th just based on hear-say. Then, after attending my orientation about two weeks ago, I was given an itinerary of things that we should expect to be doing during our first week in Beijing. This gave me the idea that I wouldn't be leaving until closer to August 21st. Then yesterday during one of my routine email checks, I saw an email titled "Ms. Melissa Margaret Dickinson E-ticket Itinerary" and my heart began to race. And I have to tell you friends, this is really the first time since all of this started rolling that it all feels real. Not to say that it hasn't felt real before, it just never seemed official maybe? I'm not quite sure how to explain it. And even now it doesn't seem real. And probably won't until I'm on the plane and enduring this 12 hour flight to Beijing (also - what does one do on a plane for 12 hours I'd like to know?!)


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  1. Dude, I totally get you. I remember last year when I got my "E-Ticket Itinerary." I was on my way to Fredericton to spend the weekend with Tiff and when I got the email on my phone, I felt all the feelings. Excited, nervous, everything. It definitely made it REAL!

    On my flight over I watched 2 movies, read almost an entire novel, and napped some :)

    I am SO excited for you! And I love you to the moon and back!