Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Half Way…Through Ontario

Day two of the journey to Calgary is complete - and HOLY Ontario is a big province. Today marks the halfway point…of getting through Ontario! A day and a half to go until we enter the Prairies. I write this sprawled out on a bed at a quaint little hotel in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Andrea and I arrived at around 7:30pm Ontario time after spending 10.5 hours on the road. We are so happy to have arrived at such a great time so we can unwind, relax, and hopefully get a good nights sleep. 

Yesterday, we departed from my home around 10:15am New Brunswick time. Tearful goodbyes were had with my family, and Andrea (successfully in a standard!!) pulled away from the driveway as I finished my meltdown. I'm so fortunate to be travelling with Andrea. She is supportive, understanding, and patient. She comforted me when I told stories of the weekend and various tearful moments, and she was patient with me when I got frustrated with the crazy drivers in Quebec. I hope that I have only done the same for her. 

Yesterday's travels took us through Quebec and all the way to a small town outside of Ottawa, ON called Carleton Place. Here, my Great Aunt Sally and Great Uncle Ed live on the edge of the Mississippi River. I recall Andrea making a joke about not realizing we were so far South when she saw the sign that said "Mississippi River." When we arrived on Sally and Ed's doorstep, we had just spent almost 12 hours travelling. We were tired, hungry, and a little under the weather. I think the nerves and stress had caught up with us. A delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs was awaiting our arrival (my favourite!!) and apple pie for dessert. Catch up sessions were had, hugs were given, and good lucks and farewells were shared. Though I didn't sleep the greatest last night, I was comfortable and my heart was warmed. I'm glad that we stayed with family my first night away from New Brunswick. This is the farthest I have ever moved away from my family, and as I said previously, I was full of nerves and butterflies. Being in the presence of family last night comforted my heart and made me feel somewhat whole again. 

Up at the crack of dawn this morning, Aunt Sally fed and watered us, made us a delicious picnic lunch then she and Ed sent us on our way. Andrea was feeling much better this morning and was able to share the driving equally, which was great for me. I was exhausted from taking on the majority of the driving yesterday! The weather was so funky today, too. Dark skies surrounded us a lot of the way, and we drove through a thunderstorm and quite a few downpours. At other times though, the sun would be beaming and we drove with the windows down. Much of Ontario is two-laned highway driving. You truly get a great scenic view of Ontario as you drive through. During the last two or so hours of our drive today, we drove by many bodies of water. I wasn't able to take any pictures, however, as I was driving (safety first!). Tomorrow, we will be driving along Lake Superior and I will be sure to capture many moments. 

Originally our plan tomorrow was to drive from Sault Ste. Marie, ON to Kenora, ON. I flubbed up though. I was under the impression that our travels tomorrow would total about 11 hours. WRONG! It's actually 15.5 hours. Not happening! So, as I am writing this post I am cancelling our original hotel reservation in Kenora, ON and rebooking to Dryden, ON (13 hours). Much more doable, I think! 

Andrea and I have also decided to do a vlog (video blog) of our trip. Stay tuned!


  1. Ah yes, Dryden! We stopped there too. Cute little place. And makes for a shorter last two days of driving! You're almost here! I'm so proud of you guys making this big move!

  2. Yay! A vlog! Can't wait! Also, I love you!