Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday Recap.

My 23rd birthday has come and gone. It was a fantastic day that consisted of EXACTLY what I wanted my birthday to consist of. I didn't want any major fuss - just a cake, friends, and family. And that's exactly what I got.

The on-going joke with my family is how long can we stretch our birthdays out for. Correct me if I'm wrong family, but I think the world record goes to Aunt Carolin for making her birthday last almost 6 months. This doesn't imply that we celebrate everyday - it just means that over those 6 months, Aunt Carolin was still receiving a present here or there.

I'd have to say that my birthday started just after Christmas.  This was when I got my birthday present from Mom, Dad, and Grandmom. Tickets to the 2012 Canadian Figure Skating Championships. This is something I've always wanted to do. I've been to Ice Shows that professional skaters were cast in, but I've never seen a professional figure skating competition. In a week and half, I can check that off the bucket list. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Grandmom.

Then, my family and I went to Florida during the first week of January (more on this to come). While there, we had a birthday supper at my all-time favourite restaurant: The Olive Garden. I can't get enough of this restaurant. It combines 3 of my favourite things: Italy, pasta, and wine! I had a delicious meal that consisted of 2 garden salads, a breadstick, a glass of red wine, a huge helping of steak and gorgonzola alfredo, and a delicious 3 bite desert of chocolate and caramel heaven. Mmm! I'm drooling just thinking about this meal. Can I go back, please?

Sunday I had a small family supper before coming back to the city. Roast beef dinner, McCain cake, and beautiful and touching cards from Mom, Dad, Grandmom, and Grammy. (Thanks for the Irving gift card Grammy!)

Then there was yesterday, which was my actual birthday. Like I said, I don't like a lot of fuss surrounding my birthday. All I wanted was just a small gathering that consisted of food, cake, and friends. This is how the day played out:

  • Promptly at midnight on January 9th, I had a joyful and excited friend run into my room and wish me a Happy Birthday. Thanks Amanda <3 A happy and wonderful way to start the day!
  • Unfourtunately, my birthday generally falls on the day before, the day of, or the day after the first day of classes. This year it fell on the first day of classes. Yay! So, I had two classes in the morning and was done by 12pm. The rest of the day was mine to enjoy! 
  • Amanda took me out for lunch at Relish - one of my favourite restaurants in the city! I had the feature burger: "California Dreaming" Delicious! Thanks, Amanda :) 
  • Caught up on Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, and How I Met Your Mother. 
  • Read beautiful birthday blog posts from Sara and Amanda. Two of the most thoughtful and heartwarming gifts I've ever gotten on my birthday <3 
  • Watched Ellen Degeneres and gossiped about Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby girl with my roommate Amelie. 
  • Phone calls from Mom, Brad, and Grammy. 
  • Birthday celebrations with great friends. This consisted of catching up, cake, "Here's to the time…", thoughtful cards and presents (and a couple gag cards and gifts that had me giggling up a storm). 
And now, I sit on my side of the couch along side Amanda writing this blog post and thinking about getting some sleep. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I loved my birthday this year. Celebrations will continue on Wednesday when I go out for supper to another one of my favourite restaurants in the city: The Garrison. 

Thanks friends and family for making this birthday a memorable one :)

Friends Amelie and Katie.
Amanda's artful gift to me. <3
Friends enjoying cake. 
More lovely friends who helped bring back some great
memories during "Here's to the time…"

Useful gift cards from Grammy, Matt, Amy, and Mary-Dan. 
Wonderful cards from friends and family <3
Katie's hilarious gift - she informed me that these are the new
and best way to grade students these days. 

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