Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, Once Again.

Another week come and gone...quicker than usual. So, here I am channeling my inner Amanda and listing all the great things that happened this week (and man, it was a good one!)

~ Saturday, Amanda and I truly kick started the Christmas season. Dad came to the city and helped us pick out and set up our Christmas tree! On Sunday, we decorated the tree and it is now adorned with lots of Amanda's decorations from her childhood with a beautiful angel proudly watching over us everyday. Ah, Christmas and its traditions.

~ Christmas shopping with my brother. We got just about everything on our list and didn't argue once! Thanks for being so cooperative this year, Brad!

~ Another great Sunday supper with friends. Chicken, kale, broccoli salad, and fries! Thanks for dropping off the cupcakes to excuse your absence, Justin!

~ Despite giving myself a huge gash in the leg from a broken tree branch, Amanda and I successfully put up some Christmas lights on our house. How did I get a gash from a broken tree branch you ask? Well, I climbed the tree in our front yard to hang lights in it, slipped, and landed on a branch. Quite disappointingly, the lights had to come out of the tree because half of the strings were burnt out. Bah humbug! But as Amanda so kindly pointed out, the scar on my thigh will make a great memory someday!

~ Snooty fox with friends! I'll tell you something - never will I EVER wait an hour and a half again for a table! But the laughter, good company, and delicious food made up for it. :)

~ My fifth, and potentially final, winter formal. This year it took place at the Crowne Plaza - very fancy! It was crowded and hot, but I had a wonderful time! Pre-formal gathering a Kate and KP's saw catching up with friends, delicious homemade food, and dancing to classy Christmas songs. And, to add the cherry on top of a great night…

~ Two great friends from university ventured to the city for the weekend! Katelin and Cara came home for a wonderful December visit. It's so good to see them again, and I look forward to our visits over the weekend!

What a great week it has been! And it has certainly flown by. The weekend is set to be jam packed as well. Visits with Grandmom, decorating the Christmas tree at her place, Sunday supper, and lesson planning.

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you feeling the Christmas spirit?

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