Thursday, November 19, 2015

Addicted |1|

I am currently obsessed with wearing lipstick.

The love affair with lipstick started at the beginning of the summer. Well, actually, in the spring it was birthed. I had gone to Hong Kong with some friends and we hit up the Lush store. They had some samples of lip tints so I tried one. I remember confiding in my friends about my uncertainty with wearing lipstick. That I thought it would make me look weird or it just wouldn't look nice on me. "Clown-like," ya know? Despite it all, I bought the lip tint. I used it quite a bit and got some compliments on it. So, I then bought another lip colour that was brighter and more vibrant. Before I knew it, I had gathered a whole collection of colours. Reds, pinks, mauves. I am addicted. In fact, last week I went to Sephora and spent almost $20 on a tube of red lipstick. Oopsie. 

I wear it all the time. Right now I'm obsessed with red lips. Bright red lips! I've been pairing it with gold-toned eye shadow for a holiday-type look. I'm no makeup genius, but I think it looks good! It makes me feel good, anyway...and that can't hurt, right? 

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