Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Beijing: Round Three!

Beijing's got a hold on me, and I'm not going anywhere! (Well, until vacation time where I'll set off exploring somewhere new...and this summer when I am home for 4 weeks). The point is though, I've signed a contract to come back and teach in Beijing for my third year. Exciting! A few changes are happening in that I'll be transferring to the International school in the city to teach. Broadening my horizons and becoming a city girl again! (Right now, I'm living in a small village outside the city. And I mean a SMALL village. Me, my fellow Canadian teachers, and many many Chinese families and retirees). I'm extremely excited for what is to come and for new beginnings. I'm really enjoying my life right now as an expat living abroad! The opportunities are endless and there is so much I still have yet to see. It's a big world out there folks, and we only have one life. Might as well go big!

PS - Home in 75 days! :)  

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