Friday, March 21, 2014

To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve.

Yesterday, I was teaching my students some new english phrases like "head over heels" and "wear your heart of your sleeve." I was having a hard time explaining what it meant to wear your heart on your sleeve to my ESL (english as a second language) students, so I brought out my superb acting skills. What happened next was one of the cutest things I've experienced as a teacher: 

PS - Brad, if you are reading this...I tend to use you as an example a lot in my lessons because my students have met you and they think you are funny. Don't let that go to your head. 

Me: When my brother finds out something sad, he will say "Oh, that sucks. That makes me sad." But, when I find out something sad *cue sobs, cries, and full body shakes.* 

Students laugh. 

Me: I wear my heart on my sleeve. I show my emotions easily and intensely. 

L: Melissa, I have a question. 

Me: Yes, L. 

L: What was your job before you were a teacher? 

Me: I was a student like you. I was a high school student, then a university student, and now I am a teacher.

L: Oh. Because you could be a famous actor! 

The students all started yelling "YA!" and clapping. I then said thank you and took a grand bow. 

I love my students and my job. They say the most wonderful things! 

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