Friday, October 5, 2012

I Love Love.

Wednesday's at my job are "Meltbead" days with the students. This is probably my favourite day of the week at work, and also the students'. Meltbeads are a neat craft for kids to build, experiment, and be creative. And let me tell you, my students are some of the most creative I've ever encountered! I've seen kids create robots, the earth, peace signs, men and moustaches, and a world of other creations out of these little beads during meltbead day! 

This past Wednesday, I created the meltbead below and this is the conversation that followed with one of my students:

Student: What does that say? 

Me: It says "Love"

Student: I love love!!

Me: What a coincidence, so do I. It feels so good to be loved, doesn't it? 

Student: I've never felt anything more good'er 

Have I said lately, how much I love my job and the kids I'm surrounded by on a daily basis? They really are fantastic and I'm at my happiest when I'm around them! 

Side note: Leaving for Vancouver tomorrow for 4 days. Updates and photos from the trip to come. Bon Voyage! 

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  1. I love love, too!

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend! Say hi to your uncle David for me! I know I've never met him, but I feel as though I know him from all of your stories!