Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I had to remind myself again this weekend that I started this blog for me, as a means for journaling and recording down the moments in my life that I don't want to forget. If you're reading this, you being dedicated to reading my blog and taking an interest in the goings on in my life is just the cherry on top that puts a smile on my face day to day. Like I said to my mom this weekend, "It's good to feel loved." 

On April 29th, almost 2 months ago, I moved in to my very own first apartment. It's a small bachelor apartment in an apartment complex that (if you cut down the trees in front of my window) looks over the St. John River. Prior to moving into this apartment, I lived in a university owned house with four other girls. I thoroughly enjoyed living with them, and we certainly had some good times. However, I felt that I was at a point in my life wherein I needed to see how well I could live on my own and discover what it felt like to really be independent. In addition, with ideas floating around in my head of moving away to another province possibly on my own, I wanted to see if I was capable of really being alone and if it would cause me to be lonely. I am a firm believer in there being a strong difference between being alone and being lonely. I am happy to report 2 months in that there has yet to be a day living in this glorious apartment wherein I have felt lonely. Considering that I am rarely ever home due to the fact that I am in school 6-10 hours a day Monday - Friday and work every weekend, it's nice to come home after a long day and go about at my pace not worrying about disrupting anyone else. Might I add that it's nice getting to decorate and set up your living place however you want. Here's some pictures of my new digs: 

Alberta plans are moving along nicely. Still no luck on the job front, but I see those prospects looking up when I finally arrive in Calgary. Pretty sure that my soon-to-be roommate and I have secured a place to live, which is comforting to know. Once school is finished and I've graduated, packing will begin and farewells will be in order. Speaking of which…

HOLD THE PHONE! This is my last week of school. Where did the time go? Remember back in August when my gut was dragging on the floor because I was so nervous about starting and the butterflies in my stomach were sickening - Literally - Was sick as a dog during the first week of school. And now, with only a week left of classes, two small assignments left to write, and four group presentations, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter. Really, my reflection on the last five years of university needs its own blog post (or two, or three) but let me just say right now that the Melissa of five years ago is very different from the Melissa today. These changes for the better have much to do with the amazing people I have met and befriended over these years. You know who you are, and I'm sending you all hugs of thanks and love.

So, to the Melissa reading this down the road - you're doing just fine :) 


  1. I have (good!) butterflies in my stomach reading this! It is so beautifully written, Melissa!

    And P.S. HOW IS IT THAT I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN YOUR PLACE?? It looks beautiful in the photos!!

    1. Thank you for always offering such motivational comments!

  2. You ARE doing fine!

    Proud of ya!