Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feeling Good.

This week's theme for blog posts are short little blurbs to keep you all hooked. My apologies for not posting more frequently - this week is insane with final projects and last days of classes. I swear, this weekend will be Melissa overload for you all!

Today ended on a good note. I had a fellow classmate approach me about my internship, where her daughter happens to be one of my students. The classmate told me that her daughter came home after my first day as her "cooperating" teacher and said something along the lines of this to her mother:

"Mom! One of your classmates is my new teacher. She's really nice, and made everything make sense and explained things so clearly. And she's not scary!"

I could do nothing but smile :)

I think I'm gonna like this being a teacher business!

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  1. "Easy as A B C." Melissa Dickinson, you're my kind of teacher.