Sunday, February 17, 2013


On November 17th, 2012 I joined Weight Watchers. As of February 13th, 2013 I have officially lost 23lbs. I promised myself that when I hit my 10% weight loss goal I would write a blog post update of my weight loss journey. So here it is!

August, 2012.
February, 2013.
When I started this journey three months ago, I promised myself I would lose 60lbs in a year. I would say I'm right on track! The biggest thing I've learned while being on this program is that portion control means everything. With Weight Watchers, you can still eat what you want it's just about controlling how much of it you're eating at one time. Are you craving a piece of pizza tonight? Then eat it!! But instead of eating the whole box, just have one or two slices. Seems like a simple concept, but when you've been battling with over eating for a while, it doesn't come so easy. And yes, there are times when I have caved and I just can't help myself - but most of the time I follow the simple guidelines.

My diet has changed a lot! I eat way more fresh fruits and vegetables now and I find I have way more energy. Again, it seems like a simple concept but it never had occurred to me before until now.

When I announced at the meeting on Wednesday that I hit my 10% goal, I was awarded with this keychain.

I then had to stand up in front of the group and tell them why I thought I was succeeding. My response? Having the support of my family and friends constantly. I really couldn't do it without them. And the people at the meetings give me all kinds of new ideas and support all of my decisions. I have tried to lose weight on my own before and most the time I fail or just quit. This time is different though. It's amazing what a support system can do!

And now I look ahead. A little less than 40 pounds to go. I'll be sure to update you again soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beginner Knitter.

I certainly don't consider myself a crafty lady, but I do enjoy starting new hobbies. When I was in middle school, we used to have "Activity Afternoons." Everyone signed up for an activity and for one afternoon every couple of months there were no classes, just fun and exciting activities. One of these afternoons I chose cross stitching not knowing what the heck it was. Little did I know that it would start a hobby I continue to do today!

Not that I don't want to stitch anymore, but I was getting a little bored with it. I love the creations I've been able to produce, and I like to think the people who have received them cherish them. But it is time for something new.

My hobby of choice...KNITTING!

How did I come to doing this, you ask? My friends, of course!! I have a few friends back home in the east who are avid knitters or crotcheters. Seeing their creations, and accepting some homemade gifts from them motivated me to start this crafty pastime.

So I completed my first project, and kept it for myself! A scarf:

I wanted to do something simple that would teach me the basic stitches. Nothing was more basic than this scarf pattern that I found via Pinterest, which can be accessed here.

It took me no time at all to do the scarf, and I now know how to knit and purl! The projects are endless, and there are tons of free patterns online that are posted on all sorts of blogs. My favourite blog: Painting Lilies. Not only does she post knitting patterns, she posts about crocheting  and cooking, too! I have recently found another pattern on this blog that I'm working on now as a surprise for a friend. It's a much larger project - so wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Shall Not Pass!

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." - Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring).

Ok, please don't roll your eyes when I say this...but until this past weekend, I had never watched any of The Lord of the Rings movies. Actually, I shouldn't say that. In high school I watched The Fellowship of the Ring at my best friend Sara's house. But, like every movie I watched at our sleepovers, I probably fell asleep. I honestly didn't remember anything about it when Jenny and Andrea suggested we watch the trilogy. Also, when they suggested we watched the trilogy I'm pretty sure their mouths dropped to the floor. I think there was mild disappointment on their parts from this revelation (as well as everyone else I've told since Sunday - yes Katie, that's you!) 

What did I think of the movie? .... AMAZING! But I didn't expect anything less. I CAN NOT WAIT to watch the next movie. 

Frodo and Sam and their "bromance" melts my heart.

I want Gandalf to give me advice everyday. My favourite quote from The Fellowship of the Ring is quoted above. Wow. Relevant! 

Can someone please explain to me how I waited this long to watch such an epic trilogy? K thanks.